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Article from ArtistCITY Go check it out and submit things you think need LDDs. Plus check out our favorites for more ideas :D

Arts that are amazingly well done, but have not yet gotten Daily Deviations for their look being not up to that "Place" in or they're just not that popular, or they haven't gotten their DD shot yet.

I have spent a lot of time rounding off amazing things I feel need DDs, but sadly they don't have them. Therefore they are called LDDs. "Little.Deviantart.Deviations" This does not mean they can't suddenly get them just like that, they are very close and need some people to see just how wonderful they really are

We look for good creative pictures. Ones that stand out and show that the artist has skill. LDDs are given to pictures that show the artist is clearly good as what they do.

Past Features/Awarded… #1… #2… #3… #4… #5… #6… #7… #8
(Some links in past features may not work, but these ones here should work perfectly)

by :iconinaara:
" Lets just take a moment to look at that face. The slight tan, the bright green eyes, those eyebrows and hairs. The effort and length the artist went through was worth every minute for such a nice image"

Bang by IvanAndreevich by: :iconivanandreevich:
"What a beautifully simple picture of a nature scene."

Adventure Time #10 Cover by tysonhesse by: :icontysonhesse:
"An epically Adventurous piece for an amazing cartoon!" 

fire eater by akreon by: :iconakreon:

Loses by WRDBNR by: :iconwrdbnr:
"Let me start off by saying I love pieces like this, and I know it may be bias of me to give it an LDD, but I believe it does deserve one. This picture is so simple and so true that I couldn't help but give it an award. Sometimes the best images are those that have the best messages."

Trapped by ValentinaKallias by: :iconvalentinakallias:

 Mario vs Bowser by SolMatter by: :iconsolmatter:
" Sometimes I find these pictures, and at once I freak. I scroll on them and I yell "I NEED THIS BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!" because this piece will be seen, it will be shared, it needs praise. it's perfection. Good job SolMatter"

Glass Apple by shan3990 by: :iconshan3990:

by: :iconqinni:
" I beautiful animated piece with such lovely music."

Alligator by danwas by: :icondanwas:
" so close I can almost touch it."

Cursed Eye Devon by Lilaccu by: :iconlilaccu:

Manufacturing Flora by monsterkookies by: :iconmonsterkookies:

Ratchet and Clank Concept by CreatureBox by: :iconcreaturebox:

Minecraft by Djohaal by: :icondjohaal:
" I'm nerding again, I can't help it, it's wonderful, it's cube-tastic, it's gorgeous!"

Le journal - Block CDLXIV by bwiti and Le journal - Block CDXIV by bwiti by: :iconbwiti:
" Très bon! J'adore les deux photo~"

jake.and.sully by betteo by: :iconbetteo:

Prague, Dancing House by alierturk by: :iconalierturk:

Harry Potter by gabbyd70 by: :icongabbyd70:

Farewell by RYE-BREAD by: :iconrye-bread:
"This is such a sad picture, I can almost read the emotions of the two characters. He has such longing in his eyes, it's breathtaking"

Fu Dragon by beastofoblivion by: :iconbeastofoblivion:

Homeland by BettinaMarson by: :iconbettinamarson:

Remnants of the past by memod by: :iconmemod:
" This may be offensive, I do know how artists can be with comments like this, but I feel I should say it, I honestly thought this was a picture. It's truly amazing when an artist is so real and so talented that they can make someone believe the realness of an image, this is exceptional work."

Making Friends by oilcorner by: :iconoilcorner:

Aquaphobia by carlosgarijo by: :iconcarlosgarijo:
"Adorably imaginative, like out of some story book"

masterpiece of nature by catman-suha by: :iconcatman-suha:

Between Sky and Earth by AlectorFencer by: :iconalectorfencer:

The Course of Purgatory by AyameFataru by: :iconayamefataru:
"The lines stand out to me quite a lot for some reason. They're so well drawn out and smooth."

Jinsha :: Forest by Minyi by: :iconminyi:

M. C. Escher, saturated by Graphic-Hound by: :icongraphic-hound:

Perseus vs Cetus by 3nrique by: :icon3nrique:

all of us. by CaitlinWorthington by: :iconcaitlinworthington:

Waspling Castle by ChrisRallis by: :iconchrisrallis:

Left behind by belovah by: :iconbelovah:

Cat Boys Room by Unodu by: :iconunodu:

Howl by Charlie-Bowater by: :iconcharlie-bowater:

angel bee by irukandji-00 by: :iconirukandji-00:

Natural Beauty by Pseudo-Anonymous by: :iconpseudo-anonymous:

Drunken Bear by kokweiliang by: :iconkokweiliang:

Pisa by BADH13 by: :iconbadh13:

Steampunk Wonderland ::09 by Cvy by: :iconcvy:

If you are an artist who has been featured and you would like to have me
reply to you and tell you why I enjoyed your piece in more detail, I would be more
then happy to. The reason why I didn't write some down for all of the
pictures is because I am only one person and after a good five pictures I
tend to repeat myself. If anyone would be wiling to help me with my
features, please note the founder oozsinfered

That's all for now. :3

Hope you all enjoyed the LDDs <3

This is also brought to you by ArtistCITY Where all arts can find a way home.

We are also hoping for more pictures you guys would like to see. Pictures in which you feel need a good LDD.

are NOT take overs of DD. This is just a smaller feature. No admins are
involved right now. It is home base. Do not be rude to bash

If for some reason I have already featured a piece in the past or have by mistake not put in the correct icons, sorry for the inconvenience, just let me know and I shall edit that.
More Journal Entries

Random from Favourites

Check through the featured and find out if you like something so much that you feel we should make it a LDD!

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Rules that make the club!

Everyone is welcome to ArtistCITY!

But, lets just lay down some rules.

:star: You MUST be a member to submit things to featured or any other category.
:star: If it is an LDD it is in the folder LDD, even if that artist isn't a member.

:star: No art that has warning bar over it. Keep it clean. (This does not count in LDDs, but then again only admins are allowed to submit to that folder.)

:star: To make sure we are getting the best of your art, please do not submit doodles or quick sketches. (Well done sketches are fine, doodles are not)

:star: Only 7 submissions per week. Get the best of what you've made. Plus minimize submissions.

:star: Not all art gets through. If this is the case and your picture becomes expired it is only because we have too many messages and are busy. Resubmit the picture the next week and if that also expires feel free to send us a little comment on the front page.

:star: Notes are meant mostly for LDD ideas.

:star: Place in correct folders. If you don't see anything fit, put in Featured or send a comment telling us your problem.

We are open for affiliates







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